Aides financières EN

How to apply for a solidarity fund

  1. First look at this Guide to financial aid for students (French) (pdf) for all the useful information
  2. Then contact the SASME and/or the cantonal scholarship office
  3. Fill in the Financial aid form 2022 (pdf) (completely and legibly)
  4. Send it to with a good quality scan of the invoice(s) to be paid (maximum 580.-) and a proof of registration at UNIL (available on myUNIL)


Politically, the FAE fights for a university open to all, without social barriers. To this end, it opposes any increase in fees or the transformation of grants into loans. But it has decided to do more to pursue this ideal. By creating the Student Solidarity Fund, the FAE wants to provide concrete help to disadvantaged students. The committee receives applications and manages a fund that is redistributed to UNIL students. The commission is composed of students who take time to help other students.

Important information

NB: Financial aid is exclusively reserved for Bachelor and Master students registered at UNIL.
The maximum amount of financial aid is CHF 580.-. Financial aid will only be granted if the applicant provides a payment slip directly related to the requested financial aid. Only one grant is awarded per student per academic year. Applications are processed throughout the academic year.

Criteria for refusal

The committee may refuse to grant a donation for the following reasons

  • The applicant is in such a difficult situation that a one-off grant would not help;
  • The applicant has not been able to demonstrate that he/she has done everything possible to find a solution on his/her own;
  • The applicant has not applied to other institutions that could provide assistance (SASME, Canton, etc.);
  • The application does not concern a basic necessity;
  • The applicant has, in all likelihood, mismanaged his/her money (e.g. underestimated expenses, overestimated income, untimely spending).

In order for us to process your application as quickly as possible, please send us a complete file. All the necessary documents must be received so that the Commission can make a decision. You will be informed of the decision by email. In some cases, the commission may decide to interview you so that we better understand your case and make the best possible decision.

Essential info regarding the possible award of financial support : Règlement du FSE (15.04.2019) (FRENCH) (pdf)

We are available for any further question here is our contact.